Advanced - Brothers

Achieve mastery over your Quranic recitation and begin the rewarding journey of memorization in our Advanced Quran Ascension class. This course is designed for students who are proficient in basic tajweed and are ready to tackle more challenging rules and start memorizing sections of the Quran. Emphasis is placed on perfecting recitation and retaining verses with precision.

Course Objectives:

1. Complex Tajweed Rules: Master advanced tajweed techniques, including the rules of Madd and Sifaat without opposites.

2. Intensive Recitation Drills: Engage in extensive practice sessions to perfect recitation and apply tajweed rules effortlessly.

3. Memorization Techniques: Learn effective strategies for memorizing the Quran, focusing on retention and accuracy.

Starting Date
June 10, 2024
Ending Date
August 31, 2024
Ramadan/Eid Break
Class Duration
60 minutes
Students Per group
Weeks per Semester