Beginner - Sisters

Embark on your journey of Quranic understanding with our Beginner Quran Ascension class, designed specifically for those new to Quranic Arabic. This foundational course utilizes the Qaʿidah Nuraniyyah, an effective method for learning the pronunciation and articulation of Arabic letters and words as they appear in the Quran. By the end of this course, students will be able to recognize Arabic letters in their various forms, understand basic tajweed rules, and start reading short verses from the Quran with correct pronunciation.

Course Objectives:

1. Master the Arabic Alphabet: Learn to recognize, pronounce, and write the Arabic letters in their isolated and connected forms.

2. Introduction to Tajweed: Gain a basic understanding of the tajweed rules essential for correct Quranic recitation, including the characteristics of letters and basic elongation.

3. Reading Practice: Begin reading simple words and sentences using the Qaʿidah Nuraniyyah, building towards fluently reading short surahs.

Starting Date
September 16
Ending Date
December 14, 2024
Ramadan/Eid Break
November 27 - December 1
Class Duration
60 minutes
Students Per group
Weeks per Semester