Intermediate - Sisters

Deepen your Quranic recitation skills in our Intermediate Quran Ascension class, tailored for those who have mastered the basics of Quranic Arabic. This course focuses on the foundational tajweed rules that enhance the beauty and precision of your recitation. By engaging with various surahs, students will refine their pronunciation and begin to recite with improved accuracy and rhythmic flow.

Course Objectives:

1. Advanced Letter Recognition: Solidify the understanding of Arabic letters, focusing on more complex joins and forms in words.

2. Basic Tajweed Rules: Learn essential tajweed rules such as noon saakinah and tanween, meem saakinah, and qalqalah, to beautify recitation.

3. Application of Tajweed: Apply tajweed rules in longer verses and surahs, with a focus on improving clarity and fluency.

Starting Date
September 16
Ending Date
December 14, 2024
Ramadan/Eid Break
November 27 - December 1
Class Duration
60 minutes
Students Per group
Weeks per Semester