Intermediate - Brothers

Level 2 focuses specifically on correct pronunciation and enunciation of Qur'anic verses utilizing all the rules of Tajweed. Each student will be given a reading assignment during class and will be expected to practice at their own leisure to present to their Tajweed instructor.  

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

▪️ Pronounce Arabic letters with sound articulation
▪️ Master the rules of Tajweed and proper recitation
▪️ Recite Qur'anic passages with appropriate Tajweed rules and suitable flow

Live Classes taught on Zoom
Time Per Session
45 minutes per
Students Per Group
Start Date
September 11, 2023
End Date
December 17, 2023
Class Duration
Students Per Group
Starting Date
Ending Date
45 minutes
September 11, 2023
December 17, 2023
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$ 300.00 USD